Terms & Conditions of Sale

First time customers are expected to pay cash on delivery (C.O.D.). We will gladly arrange credit terms of net 30 days after credit approval for those customers who maintain a record of prompt payment or have satisfactory references. All accounts which are 30 days past due are subject to a service charge.


We guarantee our plant material to be properly handled and in good health at the time of sale. We also guarantee that all plant material is true to name. We make every effort possible to assure your shipment arrives in excellent condition; however, we cannot be responsible for failures which are due to conditions beyond our control. The limits of our liability will in no way exceed the original invoice value.


Any claims or complaints must be made in writing within 10 days of receipt of the shipment. Any stock rejected must be brought to our attention IMMEDIATELY and held for our advice or disposition.


Delivery is the responsibility of the purchaser; however, delivery service is available from private carriers. We will gladly make delivery arrangements, following the customer's instructions. All materials travel at the risk of the purchaser. All freight charges are due and payable to the carrier when material is delivered.


Tagged material will be held for 30 days. This is Firm.


Booked material will be held for 90 days after order is placed. After 90 days your material may not be available.